The Art of Spoon Carving
The Art of Spoon Carving Project

The Art of Spoon Carving
Discover why I carve spoons!
Spoon, Fork, and Ladle Styles for Wood Carving, Traditional Spoon Styles and Shapes.
Four Methods to  Cutting a Spoon Blank
Wood Carving a Basic Wooden Spoon


Painting a Color Wheel for Pyrography, Gourd Art, and Wood Carving
Painting a Color Wheel
Pyrography, Gourd Art, Wood Carving

Learn how easy it is to mix a full range of tonal values, pure hues, and color shading using just 8 paint colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, white, and black. Project includes a free Lora S. Irish pattern.


Leather Purse Pyrography, Greenman Face, Projectpyrography burned leather purse

Leather Purse Pyrography, Double-Needle Stitching


How to Download Step-by-step text file instructions

Selling Your Finished Work – Art and Craft Shows

Copyright, Can I sell my finished projects?




Gourd Art

Free Craft Gourd Art Bird House ProjectBee House Gourds Free Project    Let’s have some fun creating minature bee and insect houses using egg gourds.

Bee House Gourds Free Project Gallery   Lots of ideas and variations that you can use to create your egg gourd bee houses.


Braided Raffia Gourd Rim   Learn the steps needed to add a rolled raffia rim to your next gourd project.




Gourd Art MaskWood Spirit Gourd Mask   This gourd project focuses on using up all those odds and ends craft and gourd scraps into a bold, eclectic mask.




Wood Spirit Gourd Pencil Jar   The wood spirit, a favorite wood carving themes, make wonderful colored pencil decorations for this open top gourd.



Leather Pyrography

Pyrography Leather Journal   Download our free leather burning, artist journal PDF with complete directions of binding your paper journal.



Colored Pencil Work

Working in Layers, Colored Pencils

Coloring your Wood Burnings




Working with Color

colored pencils and pyrographyColoring Your Project

Adding Skin Colors with Watercolors

Basics to Painting

Acrylics over a Primer for Wood Carving

China Painting with Acrylics for Wood Carving

Dry Brushed Acrylics over Oil Stain for Wood Carvings

Marbling and Splatter Painting

Simple Dry Brushing for Wood Carving and Pyrography

Vintage Painting

Wood Carving and Burning Painting Supplies

Mule Deer Relief Wood Carving Free ProjectPaint Kit Supplies for Painting Your Wood Carving

Steps to Success, Painting Your Wood Carving

Burnishing Your Wood Carving

Simple Blending with Acrylic Craft Paints

General Techniques Used in Wood Carving Painting

Basics to Painting

Painting Eyes

Watercolors and Wood Burning

The Color Wheel, Who Is R. G. Biv

Dry Brushing, Wood Painting Techniques by Lora Irish




Paper Crafts, Cards & Scrapbooking

Scrapbook Tags

Celtic Bird Pattern Paper Bag

Scroll Trimmed Backgammon Board


Quilt Applique

Quilting Tutorials

Marker Painted Quilt Square

Fretwork Butterfly Art Quilt

Leather Burned Jewelry


free applique quilt patternDoodle Applique Quilting

Marking Pen Quilts


















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