Gourd Bird House Free Craft Project

Bee House Gourds Free Project

Bird House Gourds Free Craft ProjectBee, Bug, and Seed Gourd House Roof Decorations

Begin this free, online dried craft gourd art project with our Basic Constructions step-by-step page.  Then enjoy how to create your roof accents on our Bee House Roof Accents page, and the Bee House Gallery page.

This project began as an experiment and practice piece in creating a large, roofed bird house gourd.  I wanted to work out how to add a wooden roof before I began the cutting steps on my large kettle gourd.  As I worked I became more and more delighted with the nest egg and small bottle gourd houses that I used as my practice pieces.  Adding a few dried, natural accents was logical next step to change them from just experiments into Bee, Bug, and Seed Houses that I could use for my fall decorations and in my autumn flower gardens.

A walk through your own backyard or neighbors can provide the dried natural accents that we will be using to decorate these little Bee, Bug, and Seed Gourd Houses.  I have a large yard, over 3 acres, much of which I have allowed to go wild and native after joining Maryland’s Wild Acres program.  So after I had several bee houses constructed I grabbed my hand pruners and my gathering basket and headed outdoors.  Below is a listing of what I found in my own yard and kitchen.

Gourd Bird House Free Craft ProjectSuggested Natural Accents Supplies:
Day lily leaves
Yucca leaves
Bamboo leaves and small branches
Golden Chain tree pods
Dried hydrangea flowers
Pine cones and long pine needles
Wild grapevine
Dried Chinese kousa dogwood seed pods
Crepe Myrtle pods
Acorns and dried oak leaves
Pampas grass leaves

Viable Garden Seeds for Seed Houses:
Barberry – variegated and red
Royal Standard Hosta
Dogwoods  – native wild and Chinese
Tulip Poplar
Red and White Oak
Golden Chain tree
Common orange day lilies

Craft Supplies:
Craft knife, bench knife, or exacto knife
Hot glue and hot glue gun
Twine or craft string
Scrap paper bag colored scrapbook paper
16-gauge copper wire
Wire cutters
Round-nose pliers

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