Free Online Line Art Craft Patterns

The Fourth of July marks the founding of our great country, the United States of America. As part of this celebration we have a free online download line art pattern package for your next arts, craft, or hobby project.


LSIrish Eagle Patterns

Click the link above for your free download pattern pack.

Hope you enjoy these three classic American Eagle Patterns.  In fact we hope that you enjoy them enough to let your friends and family know where they can download their pack through twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

 This freebie is available only here at LSIrish.com, as our Thank You for being a follower of our blog.  As always our freebies are true freebies – no sign-ins, no emails, no shopping carts to go through, no hassles from the management – just click and save fun!

Whittle Tiki Chess Set Carving

Tikit Chess Set, Beginner’s Wood Carving Project

In depth, step-by-step, how to wood carve your own unique Chess Set.

Download your free wood carving pattern package on the project page!

Tiki Chess Set by Lora IrishThis one is perfect for the brand new beginning carver to walk through the simple cutting steps. For you seasoned whittlers the Tiki theme is great for innovation, experimentation, and creating your own unique chess pieces. Each piece has taken me about one evening’s session to create.

So get your tool kit out. You will need a bench knife, 3/8″ round gouge, 1/8″ round gouge, and your favorite v-gouge. Bring your carving glove, thumb guard, a compass and pencil, a little sandpaper, a set of rifflers, and, of course, your strop and rouging compound.

Tiki Chess Set by Lora IrishThe set is worked on 1 1/4″ square by 3″ basswood and 1 1/4″ square by 4″ basswood blocks. The patterns can easily be re-sized to fit other square dimensions and these Tiki’s would make great cane toppers or walking stick tops.



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