For the Flying Canada Goose class at https://forum.woodcarvingillustrated.com/ the following steps have been posted.

Current Step Listing – updated Thursday, Nov. 4th
Goose Supply List –  #7
Tip #1 –  #8
Tip #2 –  #12
Steps 1 to 9 –  #21 to #31
Steps 10 to 18 –  #37 – #45

Please note that the text for each step includes the name or names of the jpg images that go with that step. If you save a text and the image it should be easier for you to find both.


Free Online In-depth Canada Goose Carving Class

WHAT – A free, in-depth, step by step, relief carving project for the Flying Canada Goose pattern.  About 270 photos from sanding the board, and sharpening your tools right through cutting the relief, wood burning the details, and finishing with acrylic colors …

WHERE – At FoxChapelPublishing.com Wood Carving Illustrated Forum!

WHEN –  Starting Monday, Nov. 1, 2021 and it will become a permanent thread that you can access at any time.

WHO – Author, Wood Carver, and Pyrographer Lora S. Irish (me)

WHY – Because it will be a fun thread that you can join in, interact, and even post your own photos as you work along with me.

HOW – See below …

1. Go to Wood Carving Illustrated Forum at https://forum.woodcarvingillustrated.com

2.  Follow the directions in their ‘A Beginner’s Guide to the Wood Carving Illustrated Message Board.  This will show you how to sign up.

3.  Sign up so that you can see all the images (it will be about 270 photos), be able to post your questions and suggestions, share your experiences as a wood carver/wood  burner, and just chat with new carving buddies.

See ya’ Monday!!!!     ~ Lora

Cross-Crafting Seminar Free Patterns

Cross Crafting Wood Carving. Pyrography, and Scroll Saw Free ProjectThe free patterns for this Cross-Crafting Seminar are posted here.

Cross-Crafting Seminar Introduction
Cross-Crafting Seminar Supply List
Cross-Crafting Seminar Free Patterns
Cross-Crafting Seminar, Scroll Saw Basics
Cross-Crafting Seminar, Setting Up Your Scroll Saw
Cross-Crafting Seminar, Scroll Sawing the Wood Spirit Face
Cross-Crafting Seminar, Wood Burning the Wood Spirit Face
Cross-Crafting Seminar, Colored Pencils for the Wood Spirit Face

Please click on the pattern, which will open a full-sized image in a new window.  Right-hand click on the image and select ‘Save Image As’.  As your pattern to your desktop, where it will be easy to find later.  The patterns are pre-sized to print on an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of computer printing paper.

We will be working on the scroll saw cutting, wood carving shaping, and pyrography decoration in this step-by-step project.  During our seminar there will be at least three more free patterns – a wood spirit design used in the scroll saw instructions, and two hand combs.  So, please check back to snatch a free copy of these when they are posted.

free Lora Irish carving patternSpoon Carving Pyrography Tracing Pattern

free Lora Irish pyrography patternFork Carving Pyrography Tracing Pattern

free Lora Irish craft patternStrainer Carving Pyrography Tracing Pattern


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