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Trained as a Fine Artist at the University of Maryland, twelve of Lora Susan Irish’s pure breed dog oil paintings have been published as limited edition art prints. Her art has been featured on the front covers of “Doberman Quarterly” 1991, “Samoyed Quarterly” – all four issues of 1991, and “Shetland Sheepdog Quarterly” 1991 published by Hoflin Press.

She is the author of a series of woodcarving, pyrography, and craft pattern books.  Currently Lora has 32 publications in print.

Her first in-depth wood carving book is Classic Carving Patterns, published by Taunton Press, in 1999, publisher of “Fine Wood Working Magazine”.  Other popular craft and hobby titles including the Great Book of Dragon Patterns, Relief Carving Workshop, and The Art and Crafts of Pyrography,  and Classic Chip Carving published by Chipping Away, Inc.  All of Lora’s books are available at Amazon.com, the best price anywhere on the web.

L. S. Irish shared the Woodcarver of the Year – 2007 with Ed Gallenstein, editor and publisher of “Chip Chats Magazine”, for her support and teaching efforts in the wood carving community. Irish’s free online tutorials can be found here on her blog, LSIrish.com,  full of in depth step by step, how to free lessons on wood carving, woodburning, pyrography, and other great crafts.

Lora and her husband, Michael, took their home based art studio, Art Designs Studio established in 1984, to the Internet by creating CarvingPatterns.com in 1997 and continue to hold the copyright on this domain and all of the Works which it contains.  All images carrying the copyright of CarvingPatterns.com remain the sole property of Lora S. Irish.

Lora’s arts and crafts teachings can be found on her two websites. LSIrish.com has hundreds of pages of Free Online Tutorials and Projects.  ArtDesignsStudio.com, her  line art patterns and drawings site, features line art designs created exclusively by Lora for craters and artisans.  Lora S. Irish owns the copyright on all material related to these three websites.  ArtDesignsStudio.com, as of 2013, offers more than 2500 pattern in various subject categories, including North American Wildlife,  Celtic Knots,  Dragons and Mythological Beasts, Nautical and Sea Life, and So Much More! Lora continues to provide new patterns and new inspiration to many artists.

Working from her rural mid-Maryland home studio, Lora S. Irish is currently exploring new crafts and hobbies including wire bent link jewelry, metal sheet jewelry, piece patch and applique quilting, gourd carving, gourd pyrography, and leather crafts.

Books & Publications by Lora S. Irish

To name just a few favorites …

Wood Spirits & Green Men  
Wildlife  Carving in Relief
Chip Carving Workshop
Essentials Rib Basket Weaving
Wire-Wrapped Jewelry Techniques
Relief Carving Wood Spirits
Finishing Techniques for Wood Crafters
Crafting with Gourds
Landscape Pyrography Techniques & Projects
The Art of Spoon Carving
Cane Topper Wood Carving
Little Book of Pyrography

Basket Essentials – Rib Basket Weaving

Basket Essentials – Rib Basket Weaving
Published by Fox Chapel Publishing
***   Available at Amazon.com

Let’s look inside the pages

Rib Basket Weaving200 pages with lots and lots of
Step-by-Step photos.

Rib Basket Weaving
Also called hip baskets, egg baskets, fanny baskets,
granny baskets, potato baskets, and
Appalachian baskets.

Rib Basket Weaving

Rib Basket WeavingThree in-depth projects,
about 20 pages of photos and instructions each.
12 small basket instructions with diagrams.

Rib Basket Weaving12 Beginning Knots and Eyes
with full step-by-step photos

Double X, Double Bow, God’s Eye, Braided God’s Eye,
Two-Point Lashing with Collar, Three-Point Lashing,
Half God’s Eye, Three-Spoke Lashing with X Pattern,
Three-Spoke Lashing with Bar Pattern,
Multi-Spoke Lashing, Wheel,
God’s Eye/Half God’s Eye Combo,
Double Bow/Half God’s Eye Combo,
Reed Spline Lashing

Rib Basket WeavingPhotos … Did I say lots and lots of photos.

Rib Basket WeavingWeaving Techniques

Rib Basket WeavingHow to compensate using short rows.

Rib Basket WeavingDiagrams

Rib Basket WeavingAnd, of course, a huge bunch of rib basket ideas that you  can create at home

***   Available at Fox Chapel Publishing   ***
***   Available at Amazon.com    ***

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