First Pyrography Project – 5 Practice Boards

Before I begin today’s basic lessons and technique to Pyrography, I thought I would direct my intermediate and advanced wood burners to one the projects shown that is already posted here at   Celtic Knot Postage Stamp project is five pages long, with free wood burning patterns.



This is a practice board burning using the same burn stroke patterns worked through each pen tip of my Creative Woodburner Tool.

The stroke styles are from left to right: fine lines, dot patterns, scrubbie patterns, and cross-hatching.

The tool tips used from top row to bottom row: loop tip, ball tip, spear shader, and spoon shader.
My practice board is worked on 12” x 12” x 1/4” birch plywood and divided into 1” squares for each of the burned samples. I can refer to this board at any time during a burning session to determine which tool tip and which burning stroke will work best on my project.

Since my practice board is large in physical size I can experiment and explore new textures, burning strokes, and ways to treat my detailing before I actually do the work on the main project. I can practice and I can make mistakes as I learn without worry of damaging my primary work.

For more information on Practice Boards please visit these pages – Pyrography Practice Boards.



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