First Pyrography Project – 4 – Hand Grip Positions


Your grip on your burning pen is similar to your hand grip on any writing tool as pen or pencil. The pen is held below the burning tip between the thumb and index finger with a loose, comfortable pressure. The back of the pen handle rests on your third finger which is slightly bent.

The four-point grip, with your thumb and first two fingers holding the pen
and your smallest finger balanced on the board, is used on your pen whether you are using
the side of your pen tip of the point. Only the angle of your hand to the
wood changes to lift the pen tip to its finest point.

Lift your hand from the wood, don’t rest the side of your palm directly on the wood as this limits your ability to move smoothly over the pattern. Extend you small fingertip to lightly touch the wood, using it as a depth guide and steadying point against your board.

Keep the side of your arm and elbow off the table. This lets your entire arm move during long strokes. This is a four-point grip – thumb and index finger to hold, third finger to rest the pen, and small finger to anchor the hand on the wood.

One-temperature and rheostat burning pens have a much thicker handle
because that handle houses the burning unit. Although your fingers are wider
apart then when using a variable-temperature pen, you use the same four-point grip.

Do not over grip or heavy-hand your pen. A light finger pressure is all that is needed to keep the pen in place and moving freely. If your hand becomes tired or sore as you work you are probably over-gripping the pen.


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