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Cross-Crafting Seminar Supply List

wood carving toolsSupply List for our cross-crafting seminar includes tools for scroll sawing, wood carving, pyrography, and colored pencil art.

Cross-Crafting Seminar Introduction
Cross-Crafting Seminar Supply List
Cross-Crafting Seminar Free Patterns
Cross-Crafting Seminar, Scroll Saw Basics
Cross-Crafting Seminar, Setting Up Your Scroll Saw
Cross-Crafting Seminar, Scroll Sawing the Wood Spirit Face
Cross-Crafting Seminar, Wood Burning the Wood Spirit Face
Cross-Crafting Seminar, Colored Pencils for the Wood Spirit Face

The tools I am listing are tools that I own and use on a consistent bases. But, of course, you can substitute with the tools you already own.  As a teacher I always suggest that you start a new hobby with an entry-level tool set, not a dirt-cheap tool set.  Begin with the best set you can easily afford, then if you love the craft as I do you can add new, higher quality tools as you discover what style of carving or pyrography you will be doing.

As example, as a pyrographer I suggest that you start with a basic Walnut Hallow Versa-Tool which will cost you between $25 to $30.  This lets you experience wood burning before you decide if you want to invest in higher units as the Colwood or Optima, which can cost around $175 with burning unit and two or three pens.

For an in-depth look at a wood carver’s tool kit please visit Basic Tool Kit for the Wood Carver.


Basswood carving wood

3/8″ to 1/2″ thick x 3″ wide x 12″ long basswood blanks for shallow, stirring spoons or hair combs
3/4″ to 1″ thick x 3″ wide x 12″ long basswood blanks for deep, dipping spoons

I purchase my basswood off of because I can see the actual wood that I am purchasing.  Most basswood offerings on EBay are available in multiple packs of boards, all cut to the same dimension.  Search under ‘basswood carving wood’.  For larger boards search under ‘basswood lumber’.


Ryobi Scroll SawScroll sawing

Ryobi 16″ variable speed scroll saw

Assorted Ryobi scroll saw blades

Safety glasses

Please stop by our opening post for this cross-crafting seminar for a quick look at the Ryobi 16″ Variable Speed Scroll Saw.



Interchangeable tool and handle wood carving setsWood carving beginner’s tool set

Set of wood carving tools – straight chisel, skew chisel, v-gouge, large round gouge, small round gouge.  Below is a listing of four suggested sets that will not only get you started in wood carving, but will last you for years.

Available on – 8 pc Woodpecker big  wood carving tool set
This is an excellent beginner’s carving kit with large tools that can be used by hand or with a mallet.  For our project it contains a deeply bend round gouge, perfect for deep bowled spoons.  Also included is two wide sweep gouges and two tight round gouge.

Available on – 8 pc Woodpecker big wood carving tool set
This is the same set as described above but through Aliexpress, a selling site based in China.  The price is quite different, but you will have to wait up to three weeks for the tools to arrive in the mail.

Available on – 8 pc Woodpecker small wood carving tool set
Woodpecker also makes a small carving tool set which is perfect for a beginner carving that will be working multiple styles of wood carving.

Available on – Flexcut 11pc interchangeable blade tool set
The Flexcut set has one handle and 11 interchangeable blades. The blades are easy to change-out and hold securely in the handle. This is a great set that will last you for many, many years if you have a little extra to invest.

Available on – Ramelson 6 pc palm carving set 117
I have used Ramelson tools for nearly thirty years.  They are thin bladed tools that hold a crisp, perfect edge and priced reasonably for the beginning carver.  The palm handles are wonderful for those of us that have arthritis as the push of the cutting stroke comes from the center of the palm of the hand instead of from the fingers.


Choosing quality steel bench knives for wood carvingBench knife

Available from ChippingAway – large chip carving knife

Available on – Flexcut 1pc Carving Knife

Available on – Flexcut 3pc Carving Knife Set



Walnut Hollow Versa-ToolPyrography

Below each pyrography tool listed is a link to an in-depth seminar that will not only give you a free, step-by-step project you can start today, but also allow you to see each of the three pyrography tools in use to help you decide which unit is the best for you.

These three in-depth tutorials are hosted on a wood carving forum.  Unfortunately I am banned/blocked from posting to this forum now because of technical difficulties on this forum.  So, if you have questions or comments about these three projects please email me here, through my blog.  Do not post to these threads as I can not read, see, or answer your questions there!

Walnut Hallow Versa-Tool

Walnut Hollow Versa-Tool Toucan Project  –  Looking for that first wood burning tool, then take a few moments and read through this tutorial for an in-depth review of the Walnut Hollow Versa-Tool used to wood burn a Toucan Family.


Colwood Winter Birdhouse Wood Burning Tutorial – This in-depth, step-by-step project focuses on a winter bird house wood burning scene.  The project takes you from the initial tracing of the design to the final coloring steps.


Irish Optima Pyrography Seminar  – This in-depth pyrography project shows over 250 detailed, close-up photos, step-by-step instructions, and in-depth explanations of texturing, shadings, and fine line work used to create the Advertising Barn landscape.


Pyrography Pen Tips by IrishSuggested pyrography tool pens

For more information of pyrography pen tips and what style of burned stroke each creates please download our free PDF on Pyrography Pen Tips, posted on our Wood Carving and Pyrography Pattern website,  Scroll down to the lower portion of the page.  Please chose pens that are manufactured by the company that made your wood burning unit.

general writing or fine line tip – ball tip or loop tip pen
general shading tip – spear tip or pointed shader tip


tracing a pyrography patternGeneral supplies

Sharpening stones, leather strop, and honing compound
For more information please read our blog posting on Sharpening Your Carving Tools

Sandpaper – 100-grit to 220-grit sandpaper, sanding blocks in assorted grit sizes, foam-core finger nail files

Carving gloves – Please check what size glove you need before ordering!

Available on – NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves

Available on – Boss Knit Kevlar Gloves

 Lora Irish color chartBrown paper bags

Graphite paper

#4 – #6 soft graphite pencil for tracing

Masking tape or painters tape


Set of colored pencils

Available on – PrismaColor set of 12 soft-core pencils

Available on – PrismaColor set of 72 pencils


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