Shadow and Light in Pyrography – Derringer Pyrography Pattern

Free Lora Irish Pyrography PatternDerringer and Map Pyrography

Still Life Photo
Shadow and Light in Pyrography Photos – Day 1
Shadow and Light in Pyrography Photos – Day 2
Shadow and Light in Pyrography Photos – Day 3
Shadow and Light in Pyrography Photos – Day 4

Practice Pattern

The still life for this tutorial features a Philadelphia derringer, three vintage books, and a pipe stand with two long stem briar pipes.

The shadows and highlights are strong in this sepia toned photo as the still life was taken with one light source set to the upper right hand side of the arrangement.

A full range of tonal values are used within the image from pure white highlights through solid black tones.

The still life was created using objects that all had a neutral color hue – walnut brown in the gun stock, brown metal in the gun barrel, dark brown in the book covers, beige in the book pages, rose brown in the pipes.

Free Lora Irish Pyrography PatternMapping your Photo

Before you begin your pyro project print an extra copy of the image. Take time to carefully review the image, circling each area of tonal value interests.

1 Areas of bright white highlight
2 Cast shadows
3 Graduated tonal values that show contour
4 Repeated tonal values
5 Equal tonal values in adjacent elements
6 White and black contrast
The gray scale shown on the right of the photo was created by copying and pasting small areas directly from the photograph.



Creating your own Still Life Arrangements

1. Select a neutral mid-toned background. A tablecloth, bed sheet, or roll of craft paper works excellently.

2. Set up one lamp with a fluorescent bulb as your light source. Turn off any other lights in the room and close the window curtains.

3. For your first still life arrangements chose elements that share the same color – all red elements or all blue elements. Working with just one color can guide you in recognizing the color tones as tonal values.

4. Place the arrangement away from the background cloth or paper to create air space for the cast shadows.

5. Take several photos of each arrangement from different angles. You may discover that one angle shows stronger shadows than another.

Free Lora Irish Pyrography PatternThanks for stopping by and taking time with me at my teaching table!  See you for the next free, online, Lora Irish Pyrography Project.

Click on the pattern to the right for a full-sized printable pyrography pattern.

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