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A $12.95 value

Creating pristine, sharp, crisp cutting edges for our carving tools is so important that Lora is giving away her newest e-project with any purchase – a 38-page, in-depth e-project that takes the guesswork out of carving tool sharpening, by Lora S. Irish, available only at

Easy Steps to Sharpening, by Lora S. Irish

Lora takes you through the basic steps to sharpening both double-edged bench knives, and single-edged round gouges, v-gouges, and chisels. Learn how to work you tool to create the bevel on the course sharpening stone. Move on to creating the sharp edge on the fine sharpening stones, and then discover the tricks to working with a leather strop and honing compound. Lora will teach you how to use newspaper to give your cutting edges that final bright polish!

Put Easy Steps to Sharpening E-Project in your cart, go shopping for great carving and pyrography pattern packs or another e-project, then type   free e-project in the coupon code window. 

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