mushroom pyrography doodles by Irish

Pyrography Doodles #5

Today we will fill the top of the mushroom cap with a large doodle pattern, then adding graduated shading to the cap.  Please drop by our carving and pyrography pattern website, Art Designs Studio, to get your free mushroom pyrography patterns that complement this project.  The pattern package is on our home page.  The links to the previous posts for this free project are below.

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Pyrography Doodle Mushroom Project, step 9Step 9: Doodle the Top Cap

The pattern on the mushroom cap is a very large flower pattern with long leaves, butterflies, and small daisies.  Begin the large flower at the top of the mushroom cap.  As you work the doodle pattern towards the outer edges of the mushroom cap begin filling using small daisies.  Add as many butterflies as you would like.




Pyrography Doodle Mushroom Project Steo 10Step 10: Shading the Cap

A second shading is worked over the entire large mushroom to deepen the tonal value along the outer edges and behind the leaf curl.  Leave the mushroom spots unworked, the white of the wood.






Pyrography Doolde Mushroom Project, STep 11Step 11: Working a Second Layer of Shading

To push the background leaves even deeper into the design, a third layer of shading is added.  Please follow the shaded drawing guide for your shading placement.

Please remember these are large images that you can right-hand click and save to your desktop.

See you tomorrow!

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