Pyrography Doodles by Lora Irish

Pyrography Doodles #4

Small doodle patterns can be used to create the fill textures inside the sections of any pattern, adding delightful little designs to your work.  Those doodles can be repeat patterns, random fills, or large, fully complete designs.  In today’s step we will work a large floral pattern in the underside of our mushroom cap.

To provide a clear, easy-to-follow, easy-to-print image, the photos on this page are fairly large.  Please be patient as they load to your browser.  Click on any of the images to open them, full sized, in a new window.  Right hand click on the image and save it to your desktop.


Pyrography Doodle Mushroom by Irish, step 6Step 6  Completing the Leaves

To create more tonal values in the overall mushroom design, turn your temperature setting down to a dark-pale setting. Work the doodle fill patterns into each section, following the pattern guide. Note that the designs and patterns of the doodles are still strong even though they are worked at a pale value.

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Pyrography Doodle Mushroom by Irish, step 7Step 7: Shading the Mushroom

Using a common fill pattern, shade the mushroom cap, underside, and stem. Work the shading on the left side of each area, with the darkest tonal values along the outer edge of each area. Follow the shaded drawing for placement.




Pyrography Doodle Mushroom by Irish, step 8Step 8: Fill the Underside of the Cap

Fill the underside of the mushroom with the large flower pattern shown on that step page. This pattern features a double scroll center with an inner ring of five petals and an outer ring of scalloped petals. Add more scalloped petals between the flowers to fill the space between each flower.

For more great patterns to use with this project, please visit our Pyrography Doodles Pattern Package on our pattern website, Art Designs Studio.

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