Tiki Chess Set, Beginner’s Carving Project

irish_tiki_0041Step 17: You can treat the actual eye in two methods. You can stop cut along the half-circle line with your bench knife then shave the wood surround the eye, cutting into that stop cut. This will create a small raised eye area.



irish_tiki_0042I prefer to cut out the eye. Upend your small round gouge so that the cutting edge is sitting at a little less than 90 degrees from the wood. Push the gouge into the wood, cutting a deep, round trough. With your bench knife cut along the top edge of the round gouge cut at the eye lid line to free the small half-circle wood sliver.



irish_tiki_0043TIP – A cut-in round gouge eye is quick, easy, and very, very round. When you antique your chess pieces that dark stain fills the eye holes giving the dark eye look.




irish_tiki_0045Step 18: To create the row of bottom teeth I use a bench knife to make a stop cut along the top edge of the row. Continue this stop cut along the inside of the mouth at the bottom edge of the upper lip. Using the small round gouge or bench knife lower the wood level in the mouth between the top edge of the teeth and the lower edge of the upper lip.



irish_tiki_0047Step 19: Using either the v-gouge or a stop cut made with the bench knife cut a shallow v-trough line between each of the teeth. Make a very small stop cut at the corner of each tooth to cut a small triangle between the teeth.


TIP – Tikis have teeth; lots and lots of exaggerated sized teeth. They also commonly come with sticking out tongues. This is another area where you can be very creative in changing your Tiki’s face and expression.

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