Tiki Chess Set, Beginner’s Carving Project

irish_tiki_0026Step 12: Stop cut along the outer edge of the mouth. Using a paring cut lower the wood outside the mouth edge to make the mouth appear raised.

The areas to the side of the mouth are used to added extra decoration lines.  Half-circle curves that reach from the eye corner to the side of the mouth can be created and appear as small facial tattoos.


irish_tiki_0027As you work this step, even the sides of the face to the depth of the wood along the sides of the mouth.  The area to the sides of the eye and nose can become bulging cheek areas.  As you trim the sides, using your bench knife, you can work the sides down lower at the eye corner and at the top of the mouth, leaving the center high to create that cheek effect.



irish_tiki_0028Lower the wood below the mouth, referring to the original compass circle line on the bottom to keep this area as round as possible.

Do not over-cut the inside of the mouth.  This area will have a second cutting when we add the teeth, the extra wood that you leave now can help make your teeth more outstanding.  Drop this area just enough to establish it as a different level than the lips.



irish_tiki_0030Step 13: Repeat step 12 for the inside of the mouth. Cut a stop cut along the inside mouth line using your bench knife. Now using a paring stroke cut from the center of the mouth into the stop cut to lower the inside of the mouth area.



Mushrooms with faces, wood spirit patterns by Lora S IrishMushroom Wood Spirits at ArtDesignsStudio.com
Wood spirits are usually trees, tree trunks, and branches.  But this set of wood spirits are small mushrooms that live on the forest floor.  Enjoy creating your next craft project using an Army Mushroom Spirit, a Doctor Mushroom Spirit, a Mother and her Little Ones Mushroom Spirit, and even a Butterfly and Mushroom Spirit. 


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