Tiki Chess Set, Beginner’s Carving Project

irish_tiki_0013Step 5: With a pencil mark a line 1/2″ from the top of the tiki block. Mark a vertical line from the top of the block through the centerline of the nose. Mark the sides of the nose. Finally, make a half-circle arch just under the 1/2″ line for the eyebrow ridge.



irish_tiki_0014Step 6: With a bench knife or large chip carving knife, make a stop cut along the pencil line for the side of the nose. Hold the knife in a 90 degree angle from the wood and make a shallow cut. Repeat several times to slowly deepen the cut.




irish_tiki_0015Lower the knife to about 45 degrees to the wood at the stop cut. Make a new cut about 1/8″ from the stop cut with the point of the knife at the stop cut. This will lift a triangle shaped sliver of wood from the face.




irish_tiki_0016TIP – The stop cut is a two-stroke cut, with the first cut defining the pattern line and the second cut lifting the wood sliver. Stop cuts can be deepen by repeating these strokes as needed.

The angle of each of the two strokes that make up the stop cut determine the angle of the sides of the elements on which you are working.


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