Wood Carving Walking Sticks, Introduction

wood Carving Cane Toppers by Lora IrishWalking Sticks and canes are a favorite wood carving project for both beginning carvers to the most advanced woodworker.  This free, online project by Lora Irish will take you through the basic techniques used in choosing your wood staffs and sticks, wood carving cane toppers, cane construction, and finishing used for walking sticks.  Learn how to use wood burning in your cane carving to clean the joint lines of your carving and add fine details.  Explore the different steps you can use to add bright, bold painted coloring.

This free Irish project will be posted over the next several weeks, so please check back often to see what new techniques, patterns, and ideas Lora has posted.

Harvesting Walking Sticks – Learn how to harvest, store, and dry your tree saplings and branches for cane carving.

Common Tree Species – Take a look around your own backyard to discover which tree species you can use for walking stick and cane carving.

Adding Extras – Make your walking stick stand out by adding a small ‘What If’ bag to your staff.

Wood Carving Walking Sticks, Gluing Your Joint – A quick look at the basic steps in gluing a cane topper to your walking stick.

Wood Carving Walking Sticks, How to Join Your Cane Handle – Explore seven ways to join your cane topper to your stick

Wood Carving Walking Sticks, How to Clamp Your Cane Handle – Learn how you can use tape as a gluing clamp.

Wood Carving Walking Sticks, Working with Bamboo – Special technique for attaching your cane topper to your bamboo walking stick.

Free 16-page PDF e-project from ArtDesignsStudio.com and Lora Irish Walking Stick Joinery by Irish

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