Celtic Bird Pattern Paper Bag

Step 5

Cut each of the scrapbook papers according to the supply list.

celtic_bird_angle_cutCut along one width of the medium mauve  fabric textured paper, 5″ x 9″, at 45 degrees to create a square angle point at the bottom.

Cut the vellum colored pencil drawing along the bottom edge at 45 degrees to create a square angle point.

Cut the bottom edge of the 1/2″  x 8 1/4″ beige and green strip paper at 45 degrees to create a square angle point.



celtic_bird_cornerUsing the back edge of your scissors score the back of the 2″ plaid squares along both diagonals. Cut each square into a triangle by cutting 1/4″ from the scored lines.  Fold the paper along the scores to create a corner with ear flaps.

From the large pale gray green floral paper cut two to three flowers, following along the out lines of  the flower design.



Click for a full sized pattern.
Click for a full sized pattern.

From the large fushia swirls paper cut 1 – large swirl, 2 – medium swirl, 1 – small swirls, 1 – extra small swirl, and 3 – pointed leaves. If you do not have a scroll or swirl pattern paper you can cut your own by using the swirl pattern to the right.  If you trace to the pattern to the face of your paper use the pattern face up.  If you chose to trace it to the back of your paper you will use the pattern face down.



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