Ceremonial Mask Pyrography Project

Pyrography Mask Project by IrishStarting Monday, Nov.  4th, I will be sharing my latest pyrography project with you in this free online wood burning class – Ceremonial Mask Pyrography Project.   This is a 17 step project that includes lots of photos, lots of instructions, and lots of wood burning basic information.  I hope that you will join me.  Please share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and your favorite pyro forum that we are holding an Online Seminar here on my blog so that they can join the fun!

Ceremonial and Ritual Masks use strong geometric line patterns and abstract shapes to create the facial features and to express emotions that are proscribed to the myths and legends of the culture.  Often they are carved from wood with open holes for the eyes and mouth of the mask.  Raffia, dried reeds, nuts, seed pods, and even sea shells may decorate the geometric patterns on the mask or surround the outer edge of the wood shape.  Animal hair and fur has historically been added to enhance the human or animal impressions they portray.

Ceremonial Mask Pyrography Project 1
Ceremonial Mask Pyrography Project 2
Ceremonial Mask Pyrography Project 3
Ceremonial Mask Pyrography Project 4
Ceremonial Mask Pyrography Project 5

They make a perfect subject for any pyrography project.  My sample pattern is worked from the Masks Pattern Package, available at  But Wait!  We are working on a special Project Bundle just for you that will include my new 36-page Introduction to Pyrography e-book which covers the basic techniques used in any wood burning project and my new 24-page Ceremonial Mask Pyrography Project e-project which gives you extra large, extra clear photo images of every step used to complete this mask burning – all bundled up with three Irish Pattern Packages, perfect for use in with this technique.

As soon as we have our Project Bundle posted I will post its announcement here on the blog!

Get your burning tips bright and clean, gather your supplies, and chose your favorite wood species so that on Monday you can pull up your computer chair to my virtual classroom!

Take a moment and sign-up for my blog so that you can add your questions, ideas, and share your own techniques as we work through this step-by-step lesson plan.

Ceremonial Mask Pattern by Lora IrishBurning Supplies:
Variable temperature burning unit
ball tip or looped tip pen
spear shader pen
curved shader pen

Wood Pyro Blank:
*  9” x 9” poplar practice board
*  9” x 9” poplar pre-cut heart

Pyro Pen Cleaning Supplies:
leather strop
rouging compound
1500 grit emery cloth

General Supplies:
220- or 320- grit sandpaper
clean, dry dusting cloth
graphite paper
#2 to #4 soft pencil
masking or painter’s tape
8” square of brown paper bag

Optional Finishing Supplies:
watercolor paints
watercolor colored pencils
spray polyurethane or acrylic sealer

*  This project was worked in poplar, but any non-toxic wood can be used, including basswood, birch plywood, and mahogany.   Also consider working this Ceremonial Mask of natural toned chipboard as a scrapbook album cover or on vegetable tanned leather as a cut out wall display.  You may wish to work a dried craft gourd, cut to become a sand candle vase. Whichever wood or burning surface you chose, we will work a Reference Guide Sepia on the same material.




Whittle Tiki Chess Set Carving

Tikit Chess Set, Beginner’s Wood Carving Project

In depth, step-by-step, how to wood carve your own unique Chess Set.

Download your free wood carving pattern package on the project page!

Tiki Chess Set by Lora IrishThis one is perfect for the brand new beginning carver to walk through the simple cutting steps. For you seasoned whittlers the Tiki theme is great for innovation, experimentation, and creating your own unique chess pieces. Each piece has taken me about one evening’s session to create.

So get your tool kit out. You will need a bench knife, 3/8″ round gouge, 1/8″ round gouge, and your favorite v-gouge. Bring your carving glove, thumb guard, a compass and pencil, a little sandpaper, a set of rifflers, and, of course, your strop and rouging compound.

Tiki Chess Set by Lora IrishThe set is worked on 1 1/4″ square by 3″ basswood and 1 1/4″ square by 4″ basswood blocks. The patterns can easily be re-sized to fit other square dimensions and these Tiki’s would make great cane toppers or walking stick tops.



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