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What would you like to do today?

Below are just a few of the ideas you will find here at or at my carving-pyrography pattern website,

So … what would you like to do today?


Pyrography Greenman Leather Bullet Journal CoverGreenman Leather Journal
free wood carving cane instructions by Lora IrishTwistie Stick Snake Carving
pyrography burned leather purseGreenman Slop Bag
Carving the Wood Spirit
Colored Pencil Portraits, Adult ColoringAdult Coloring E-Project
Mule Deer Relief Wood Carving Free ProjectMule Deer Relief Carving
woodcarving walking sticksCane Carving Patterns
Styles of Pyrography E-BookStyles of Pyrography
wood burned leather jewelryLeather Necklace ProjectsGeneral measuring supplies for relief wood carving and whittling
Carving Tool Kit
Pyrography e-Project by Lora IrishMayan High Priest E-ProjectChip Carving e-Project by Lora IrishChip Carving Basics
Henna Tattoo Moon Face PlaqueHenna MoonFree Mountain Man Cane Pattern by Lora IrishFree Mountainman Project
Cross Crafting Wood Carving. Pyrography, and Scroll Saw Free ProjectSpoon Carving & Burning
Levels in Relief Carving
colored pencils and pyrographyColored Pencils in Pyro


chip carving game boardChip Carving Seminar
Celtic knot pyrography wood burning patternCeltic Knot Pyrography
Ice Fishing Decoys
Mushroom Doodles Pyrography ProjectMushroom DoodlesCeltic Dragon Wood Carving by Lora IrishCeltic Dragon Carving
Sampler Pattern Package
126 line art patterns
Free Lora Irish Mule Deer Carving PatternMule Deer Pattern Package

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Free Doodles Days #4 – Print and Color Envelope

Tuesday, Jan. 01 to Sunday, January 06, 2019
21 Free Irish Doodle Patterns, 2 Free Irish Project Patterns, and 2 Free Irish PDF Files

Jan. 01, 2019Artist Morgue File
 Irish Free Doodle Patterns 001, 002, 003, blank tag 1, and blank tag 2


Jan. 02, 2019Christmas Star Tags
 Irish Free Doodle Patterns 004, 005, and 006


Jan. 03, 2019Bullet Journaling
 Post #1 Irish Free Doodle Patterns 007, 008, and 009, blank journal pages

Post #2 How deep do I carve, Doodle Extras 001, 004, and 005

Your First Carving by LS Irish 

 Levels in Relief Wood Carving


Jan. 04, 2019Leather Journal Covers
Post #1 Irish Free Doodle Patterns 010, 011, and 012

Post #2 Wood Carved Wood Spoons, 028, extra 002, and extra 003

Greenman Pyrography Leather Bullet Journal Project – Free Pattern

Pyrography Leather Griffin Journal  – Free Griffin Pattern


Jan. 05, 2019String Gourd Bird House Project
Irish Free Doodle Patterns 028, 029, and 030


Jan. 06, 2019 – Free Irish Doodle Envelope Patterns
Print, color, score, cut, fold, glue, and enjoy.




Doodle Day #3 Patterns for Bullet Journaling

Doodle Day #3 – Bullet Journal Pages

DIY Bookmaking, Bullet Journals, Scrap Booking, Card Making, Applique Quilting, Pyrography, Wood Carving,  Carved Spoons, Leather Work, Free Lora S. Irish Patterns to Download

Today’s Morgue File Project Idea:

free wood burning patterns
Free Doodle Pattern 007

Bullet Journals let you keep track of your day to day activities and to add personal notes, shopping lists, and appointment calendars.  The pages are worked on a dot grid pattern which is used as your guide to create your tables, lists, and highlighted comments.





Bullet Journal Blank Page

This basic bullet journal page will print on an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper.  When folded it creates two facing printed dot grid pages.  You can print several copies of this bullet journal page.  Then put those pages back into your printer tray, face up so that you see the printed grid, and then printed a second time to create the dot grid on the back of your paper.





Free Doodle Pattern 008



Click on the image, right, to open a full-sized copy in a new window.  Right hand click on the image and chose ‘save image’ to keep a copy on your computer for easy printing.  This page is pre-set to print in portrait mode, no adjustment is needed.




The Stapled Bookbinding link, below, shows you how to take multiple printed pages and staple them into a small booklet.

Bullet Journal Header Page
Bullet Journal List Page
Bullet Journal Design Page


Here are a few samples of DIY Hand Bound Bullet Journal, decorated with scrap booking paper, a watercolor paper design, paper twist strings, a few glass beads, and worked with leather covers.  Stop by tomorrow for the links to how to design, burn, and bind your own leather journal.

The patterns for the large background dragon journal, and the small Celtic journal, front left, are available in the Great Book of Celtic Patterns, available on  The Greenman Journal, front right, is a free project here on


Free Doodle Pattern 009

Stop by Reddit/r/bulletjournal to discover a fun community of journalist that share lots and lots of ideas.

If you haven’t played with bookbinding yet, these links will get you stared.

DIY Kettle Stitch Bookbinding video on

DIY Coptic Stitch Bookbinding video on

Simple Bookbinding video on

Stapled Bookbinding video on – quick and easy!




The Art of Spoon Carving by Lora Irish

Available on



DIY Bookmaking, Bullet Journals, Scrap Booking, Card Making, Applique Quilting, Pyrography, Wood Carving, Wood Burn Spoons, Wood Carved Spoons, Leather Work, Free Lora S. Irish Patterns to Download


Lora Irish Free Wood Carving Projects

Summer School is in Session

Trapped inside because of the heat?  Bored with too much time of your hands?
Well, grab your carving tools, leather strop, and some basswood blanks
and join me in a little carving fun.  If you don’t find something below that
interests you, check out our Wood Carving Project page for more ideas and for
basic instructions to the craft of wood carving.

Free Chip Carving Online Seminar

Learn the easy and fun technique of chip carving with Lora Irish’s free
online seminar.  Ten full pages, lots of free patterns, step-by-step instructions.

Free Lora IRish Cane Carving Project

Twistie Stick Snake Carving Free Project

Ready to carve your first walking stick.   This ten page, step-by-step
free carving project by Lora Irish will teach you everything you need
to create your own Snake and Twistie Stick cane.

Relief Wood Carving Canada Goose Project

This indepth step-by-step free relief carving project by Lora Irish
includes how to work a relief wood carving, how to use your
pyrogrpahy and wood burning in your carvings, and how to
add color to your relief carvings.

Wood Carving Fish Decoys

Fish decoys are fast, easy, and fun.  A few hours, a couple of
basic carving tools, and a little imagination is all it takes to complete
this free online wood carving project by L. S. Irish.


Visit Lora Irish’ craft, wood carving, and
pyrography pattern and e-projects website.


Spring 2016 LSIrish Free Pattern

How to Download

Click on the link above for a printable set of instructions.
Here are three free downloads for your to practice!!!!

Irish Free 2015 Pattern Pack
Spring 2016 Free Celtic Animal Pattern Pack
Pyrography Pen Tips Free E-Book by Lora S. Irish

The link above is a Freebie Pattern Package which you can use to learn how to download, extract, and print our patterns.

  1. Click on the link above.
  2. A Window will pop up titled: Opening
    In that window select “Save File”, not “Open With”. In the bottom right hand area of the Window select “Save”.
  3. A new Window will pop up that has the directory to your computer. That window will want to save the file in “Your Downloads”. You can select another area in your computer to save the file. In the left nav area of the window, scroll up and click on “My Desktop”. Chose where In the bottom right of the window select “Save”.
  4. Minimize your browser by clicking the line button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This will drop the browser window down so that you can check your Desktop to see if the zip file is there. Sometimes the icon for a zip file or downloaded PDF file does not show up on your Desktop even though your computer downloaded the file. If you don’t see your zip file move your cursor into any empty space on your Desktop and right-hand click. This will open a small menu Window. From that menu select “Refresh”. This will reload your Desktop view and your icon should appear. If you still don’t see your zip icon then go check “My Downloads” as it may be there.
  5. Place your cursor on the zip icon and right-hand click. A Window will pop up, select “Extract All”.
  6. A new Window will pop up which allows you to decide where to extract the file, I usually chose to extract it as the file tells me in the location portion of this window. Select “Extract”.
  7. After the package is extracted you should have a new Window that shows the opened file folder. You can click on that folder, open the file and begin printing your patterns. You should also have two files on your Desktop now, one is the original zip file, and the other the extracted, open folder. Save the zip file to “My Downloads” or “My Documents”, you can open this file over and over again. Save the opened folder to whatever folder system you use for your craft projects and patterns.
  8. Note – If you double left-hand click on an un-extracted zip file you will see a folder window and you can see the patterns inside that folder. But since the file has not been extracted you can not print. So, if you can’t print you probably have not extracted the zip.
  9. Email me, Contact Us in the top nav bar, and I will help you through the process!

June & July 2013 Footnotes

If you are just discovering our blog,, or our line art craft, carving, and quilting patterns website, or if you have been away on vacation it’s time to get caught up on all of the happenings here on Lora Irish’s blog.

Levels in Relief Wood CarvingFree – Levels in Relief Wood Carving
Learn how to establish the basic levels of background, mid-ground, and foreground for your rough out stages in any relief wood carving pattern.  Free Relief Wood Carving PDF E-Book download by Lora S. Irish.


Your First Carving by LS IrishFree – Your First Carving 
Learn the basics to relief wood carving in this free relief wood carving PDF E-Book by Lora S. Irish.  Includes the terms and techniques used in wood carving, step by step instructions for a beginner’s project, lots of photos, lots of ideas.


Summer 2013 Quilt Project X7Free – Summer Art Quilt Fretwork Butterfly Project
Free PDF E-Book iron-on interfacing applique art quilt project, including a free butterfly pattern by Lora S. Irish.  Includes step by step instructions, plus lots of ideas to alter and embellish your own quilt square.


2013_FP_thumbFree – Craft, Carving, and Quilting Pattern Packages
We have posted new free pattern packages here on and our line art craft and carving patterns website,  Don’t forget to download your copies today.


mushroomFree – Permanent Marker Painted Quilt Squares
Any line art craft,  carving, or quilting pattern can become a brightly colored quilt square for your next sewing project.  Learn how to create your own Mushroom Wood Spirit tote bag with our free online step by step instructions.


Basics to PaintingBasics to Painting your Wood Carvings
Enjoy this in-depth tutorial which focuses on the multiple methods of adding coloring to your next wood carving project.  Includes directions for burnishing, dry brushing, china painting, oil staining, and much more.


irish_tiki_0002Tiki Chess Set Carving
Spend a few fun hours carving our 3-D Tiki Chess set.  This projects takes you step by step through the face carving of the classic Tiki statue and a few of the quick variations that can used to create the King, Queen, Rook, and other pieces.  Includes free patterns to start your own set.


Canada GooseFree – Canada Goose Relief Carving Project
This in-depth, step by step relief wood carving projects takes you through every technique needed to create this Canada Goose Relief carving, including how to transfer your pattern, basic carving cuts, tools, undercuts, wood burning your carvings, and even how to paint your wood carving.  Taught by Lora S. Irish.


LSIrish Whittle FishWhittle Fish Decoy Carving
This fun project grew to become an E-Project on our line art pattern website,  Learn folk art ice fishing decoy carving with this in-depth step-by-step project taught by Lora S. Irish.  This sixty page e-book includes an introduction to the history of ice fishing decoys, the six basic carving cuts needed to create these fun fish, and two complete projects. Complete your decoy with the painting steps and by creating a simple wire hanger. Over 40 decoy patterns, 21 finished painted decoy samples.

new patternsNew Patterns and E-Projects at Art Designs Studio
Six new pattern packages and two new E-Projects have been published to our line art carving, craft, and quilting patterns website.  So much more is coming soon!  So, please stop by and browse through over 130 pattern packages, sorted by topic and theme.

New Line Art Craft Pattern Packages
Retro Owls – 20 new line art patterns

Dragon Medallions – 11 new line art patterns
Mushroom Wood Spirits – 18 new line art patterns
Fretwork Scroll Saw Lamps – 20- new line art patterns
Fretwork Butterfly Wind Chimes – 20 new line art patterns
Heart Shaped Designs – 18 new line art patterns

Two New E-Projects
Whittle Fish E-Project, include over 20 decoy patterns
Flamed Copper Jewelry Earrings E-Project, 38 projects

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