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For the Flying Canada Goose class at the following steps have been posted.

Current Step Listing – updated Thursday, Nov. 4th
Goose Supply List –  #7
Tip #1 –  #8
Tip #2 –  #12
Steps 1 to 9 –  #21 to #31
Steps 10 to 18 –  #37 – #45

Please note that the text for each step includes the name or names of the jpg images that go with that step. If you save a text and the image it should be easier for you to find both.


Relief Carving Canada Goose Supply List

Relief Canada Goose Supply List

I have listed the tools that I used during this relief project.  You do not need these exact brands or products.  As this is a beginner’s level work, so please use what tools you already have.  The manufacturers are listed in case you see a tool, tool set, or wood burner that you particularly like.

Below are either Amazon affiliate links or links directly to the manufacturer’s website.


Schaaf Wood Carving Tools: Set of 12 with Canvas Case – Full Size Gouges and Chisels for Beginners, Hobbyists and Professionals | Sharp, Quality-Tested CR-V 60 Steel Blades

Chipping Away:  (I have used my Chipping Away Large knife for almost three decades … and it just performs perfectly every time.)
Large chip carving knife
white fine ceramic sharpening stone
brown coarse ceramic sharpening stone
leather strop and rouge

Ramelson Tools: (I began with Ramelson and still find myself reaching for their tools during every project)
UJ Ramelson Basic Woodcarving Tool Set

Japanese Carving Sets: (This is a great set for almost all wood carving projects and the sets that I use  for spoon carving as well as relief carving. The small hand set includes a bull nose chisel, one of my favorites.)
WAYCOM 24PCS Wood Knife Kit Set Wood Carving Kit,Professional Chisel Set, including Small, Middle, Large size (24PCS)

Walnut Hollow Wood Plaques, Oval Edge Plaque, 11″ x 14″, basswood

Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner: Wire Tip Wood Burning Tool (This is their variable temperature tool with interchangeable wire tips, perfect if you also do wood burning.)

Walnut Hollow Creative Versa Tool: with Variable Temperature Control for Woodburning, 11 Points (Tips), Original Version, Basic Pack  (This is their one piece rheostat tool which is great if you are just starting in wood burning or if you will only be doing burned details on your carvings.)

Optima Wood Burner: small round shader tip, modified (ball) writing tip, coarse hair tip  (Fantastic unit for advanced burners.)

Detailer Basic Woodburning Kit: ( FTC standard writing tip, FTD small round tip, FT Ball 3 round tip  (Fantastic unit for advanced burners and it comes with Sue Walter’s Book, Pyrography Workbook!)

Flexcut Slipstrop: Sharpening Kit with Strop and Gold Polishing Compound

Saral Graphite Transfer Paper:  (I like Saral because of its soft gray coloring.  Its great for wood burning where you might not be able to remove all of your tracing lines.)

Set of Rifling Files:  SE 10-Piece 7” Riffler File Set – 736RF (This is a small set of files that let’s you get into your undercuts and sharp joint lines)

ink pen for tracing
pencil for marking the board
file folder or index cards for depth gauges
bracing board or bench hook:  (DIY instructions here at
non-skid rubber kitchen matt
Minwax Water-Based Sanding Sealer
assorted grits, including 220 grit sandpaper
assorted sift ox hair brushes for dusting
assorted oil paint/ox hair brushes for painting
polyurethane spray sealer
Acrylic craft paints: titanium white, medium earth red-brown, yellow ocher, Paynes gray, carbon black, hooker green
Oil paint for antiquing: burnt umber, turpentine, linseed oil
clean cotton t-shirt material for antiquing

Free Online In-depth Canada Goose Carving Class

WHAT – A free, in-depth, step by step, relief carving project for the Flying Canada Goose pattern.  About 270 photos from sanding the board, and sharpening your tools right through cutting the relief, wood burning the details, and finishing with acrylic colors …

WHERE – At Wood Carving Illustrated Forum!

WHEN –  Starting Monday, Nov. 1, 2021 and it will become a permanent thread that you can access at any time.

WHO – Author, Wood Carver, and Pyrographer Lora S. Irish (me)

WHY – Because it will be a fun thread that you can join in, interact, and even post your own photos as you work along with me.

HOW – See below …

1. Go to Wood Carving Illustrated Forum at

2.  Follow the directions in their ‘A Beginner’s Guide to the Wood Carving Illustrated Message Board.  This will show you how to sign up.

3.  Sign up so that you can see all the images (it will be about 270 photos), be able to post your questions and suggestions, share your experiences as a wood carver/wood  burner, and just chat with new carving buddies.

See ya’ Monday!!!!     ~ Lora

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