Wood Carving Walking Sticks, How to Join Your Cane Handle

If you have wood carved a cane or walking stick topper you will need to attach that topper to the cane stick using some form of anchor bolt or dowel and glue.  There are several different ways you can accomplish this task, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.  Let’s look at seven ideas in-depth.

Thread All and All Thread
Double Wood-Screw Hanger Bolt
Hanger Bolt with Nut
Long Hardwood Dowel Joint
Short Fluted Dowel
Carved Basswood Plug Joint

Cane Wood Carving Project by Lora Irish1  Long threaded-rod joint

There are many ways to attach your cane topper to your stick, but the threaded-rod gives you the strongest, and most durable joint. Threaded-rod comes in two styles – solid and hollow.

Solid threaded-rod is called All Thread and used as a continuous threaded anchor rod in general construction projects. It comes in 12” to 36” lengths. For canes and walking sticks I use ¼” to 3/8” diameter All Thread, cut into 5” to 7” lengths depending on the height of the topper.

Thread-All, also called Threaded Pipe, is also a continuous threaded rod that has a hollow cord. It is used in lamp wiring where the electrical wire can be inserted into the hollow core to hide the cord from view. This style is available in short, per-cut lengths or in 36” lengths. It can easily be cut using a hack saw.

Chose a drill bit the same size as the width – diameter – of your rod, and one that is at least one-half the length of the rod. Because you are working with a metal rod, use two-part epoxy as your glue.

Advantages – Since All Thread is readily available in 36” lengths, you can create extra-long anchoring rods for 6” or higher cane toppers and for bamboo sticks where you want the anchoring rod to breach more than one node.

Disadvantages – Solid All Thread does add weight to your walking stick. Although it seems a minor amount of added weight, it can make the difference between a comfortable stick when in use and one that feels a touch too heavy.

Uses – This particular rod joint is wonderful for canes, where the hand rests or holds the cane by the carved topper.

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