Sailboat Relief Carving

Sailboat Basic Carving Techniques Tutorial

By L. S. Irish

Retracing the Pattern onto the Levels


Cut a copy of your pattern along the Level lines to section the pattern into easy to use pieces.

Now that the levels carving is complete it is time to re-trace the pattern to the wood project. Take one of the copies of the pattern that your printed for this design and cut it into sections along the Level outlines. You can cut the pattern into as many sections as is comfortable for you to work with in any given area of your carving. Now cut complimentary sections from pieces of scrap Carbon Paper.

Place the Carbon Paper onto the project in the appropriate spot, place the cut pattern section over the Carbon Paper. Use masking tape or clear tape to hold the two paper pieces in place. Trace along your pattern lines.

If you look closely you can see that I use a red ink pen for this second tracing. This lets me see where the first tracing was made (the blue ink pen lines) and where I have made the second tracing (the red ink pen lines). Save your Carbon Paper scraps when you are done as you can reuse them for other carving projects.
retrace_closeupCut scrap pieces of Carbon Paper to compliment the shape of your pattern sections. Place the Carbon Paper on the wood surface, lay the pattern section on top of this and tape into position. Trace along the pattern lines.






retrace_closeup2Here is the pattern completely re-traced to the project.

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