Relief Wood Carving Canada Goose Project, Part One


Step 8: Rough out steps for the background

Before you begin work in the rough out steps for the background open a compass to 3/8″ wide between the compass legs. Place the point leg of the compass at the outer edge of the top surface of the board and the pencil leg on the top surface. Pull the compass around the top surface keeping the point leg against the raised edge of the top surface. This will mark a reference line for your outermost round gouge cuts on the carving surface.



The background rough out steps begin with the stop cut along the outer edges of the design using a bench knife or large chip carving knife. Allow a small amount of extra wood at the pattern edge that you can trim later during the shaping steps.





I have started at the top of the front wing in the v-area near the neck. This will be the longest area of rough out from the edge of the plaque into the goose body.






After the stop cut is made I prefer a large sweep gouge or large round gouge to remove the excess wood. I begin my gouge cuts an inch or so from the goose working into the stop cut. As I drop this area in depth each new round gouge cut is made a little closer to the outer routed edge of the plaque. Work back and forth between your stop cuts and your round gouge cuts.




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