Softwood and Hardwood Comparison

by L. S. Irish

comparisionThis pattern, Dragonette, has been worked on two different species.  The upper burning was done on White Birch plywood and shows the wide variety of pale color tones that can be achieved using a hardwood.  The corner line of this Dragonette was worked to a similar darkness as the wings of the lower Dragonette.  The lower Dragonette was burned on a Basswood plaque.  This burning is more dramatic against the pale wood background because of the black tones in both the dragon’s wing and shield border. However, the lower Dragonette does not have the pale tones available in Birch sample.



mallardThis Mallard Drake was burned on White Birch Plywood that was extremely clear in grain.  This gives the work a very clean background that does not disturb the final wood burning and coloring.  The birch surface also provided  a wide variety of color tones in the burning giving the finished work a realistic appearance.


horse-whitebackgroundWestern Horse was worked on an end grain Basswood plaque.  Looking from the center of the plaque outward to the edge you can see the tree heart in the cheek area of the horse, the old growth rings of white wood, the new growth ring of beige toned wood, and the outer ring of bark.





goldfish-300dpi-copy2Goldfish has been burned on a piece of heartwood Birch plywood.  This particular surface contains several swirls in the grain pattern that implied ripples or currents of water.  Although the grain color changes dramatically underneath the wood burning this grain pattern created a wonderful water-like background for the Goldfish.




white-tail-300dpiWhite Tail Deer Lodge was wood burned onto a pre-cut and pre-routed White Pine plaque.  Notice the wide dark areas of wood grain that run from the top of the sign through the center of the word white to the bottom of the plaque through the word lodge.


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