Wood Carving Walking Sticks, How to Clamp Your Cane Handle

how to clamp your walking stickMaking tape, fiber packing tape, and painters tape can be used as gluing clamps to secure the cane topper to the stick.

After the joint has been created, the dowel or anchor bolt inserted, and the glue applied, cut several extra long lengths of tape. Attach the top edge of the tape strips above the glue joint on the topper. Wrap one piece of tape to cover and secure the top edge of these stripes.

Cut a long piece of tape and wrap horizontally once around the stick, below the glue joint. Working one vertical strip at a time, pull the vertical strip down along the side of the cane and secure it by wrapping the lower horizontal strip over it. Repeat of each vertical strip.

Allow your cane to dry overnight, then remove the tape.

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