Wood Carving Walking Sticks – Adding Extras

wood carving walking sticksGive your walking sticks that little extra by adding this quick and easy ‘What If’ bag to your wood carved walking sticks.  My bag is filled with a few small items that I might need along the hiking trail – bandages, cord, and a folding pocket knife.  You can also used it as a small collecting bag, to hold your cell phone or car keys, or to just keep a snack close at hand.

My bag is created using two 5 1/2″ wide by 12″ long pieces of cotton quilting fabric with rat-tail cord as a draw string.  The bag has a folded pocket along the bottom edge for a second draw string to keep the bag from swinging as I move the walking stick.  You can buy pre-made cotton canvas and cotton muslin bags in a variety of sizes at your local craft store.




wood carving walking stick bagSupplies:

4 to 5″ wide cotton fabric bag
2 yards 2mm rat-tail cord or para cord
2 yards 1/4″ cotton twine
2 large rubber bands
4 band aids
1 package of strike-anywhere wooden matches
1 small pocket knife
2 – 3″ x 4″ zip-lock plastic bags
2 – 1″ x 4″ stripes of masking tape
1 large safety-pin

Wood Carving Walking Stick bagA 4” wide by 6” long cotton hiking bag that uses rat-tail cord as a draw string tie, finishes this fun walking stick. The bag holds a plastic bag of bandages, and 2 yards of heavy cotton cord held together with 2 large rubber bands. A second plastic bag is wrapped around a box of strike-anywhere matches. A small, sharpened pocket knife is included. You may also wish to add a little ‘emergency money’ in the form of a folded $10 bill inside one of the plastic bags. A large safety-pin closes the top of the bag.

If you sell your walking sticks and canes at arts and crafts shows, adding a ‘What If’ bag to your sticks will make your work stand out from the competition.  Create a small display of items your customer can pack in their walking stick bags or include a printed suggestion list with the sale of each cane.


Stunning Toppers for Canes and Walking Sticks

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