Wildlife Carving in Relief

“Wildlife Carving in Relief”

By L. S. Irish

wlife_book-lgmed39 Individual patterns focusing on North American Wildlife including bear, deer, pronghorn, moose, fox, elk, cougar, and so many more. All of the designs are accompanied by detailed shaded drawings to guide you in the depth carving.

Second Edition Revised and Expanded!
Seven New Mantel Patterns!
Autumn Challenge – White Tail Deer
Fighting Bucks – Elk
Spirit Totem – Grizzlies
Fresh Water Fishing – Bass, Salmon, Trout
No Vacancies – Titmouse, Chickadees, Wrens
Nut Hunt – Gray Squirrels
Woodland Gathering – Moose, Fox, Beaver


Wildlife in Relief Carving by L S Irish

wildbook1The How-To’s Sections include:

  • Transferring the Pattern
  • Working with Levels and Layers
  • Relief Carving Styles
  • Creating Shadows
  • Facial Features
  • Fur and Hair Textures
  • Wood Burning

wildbook4The Carving Sections include:

  • Common Woods for Relief Carving
  • Basic Tools for Relief Carving
  • Basic Cuts
  • Special Techniques for High Relief
  • Step-by-Step carving on the Buffalo Portrait

The Wood Burning Sections include:

  • Step-by-Step Facial Features
  • Different Hair Textures
  • Basic Wood Burning Effects


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