Scroll Trimmed Backgammon Board

 Working with Colored Pencils

Backgammon Board
Backgammon Board

Work multiple thin, light layers of any color to create an even, smooth effect.

Keep your pencil points sharp to enable you to fill the small, tight spaces of textured paper.

Begin with your lightest shadow color to create the widest area of the shadow. Work this color up to the edge of the accent pattern. Lay each darker color over the previous shading layers, gradually reducing the thickness of the shadow.

The last color used is ivory black; it lies tightly against the edge of the accent pattern.

Shadows reflex the color of the object that is casting the shadow. Since this sample board has been worked in shades of brown the shadow also is worked in brown tones. If you have chosen a blue -green color scheme use blue and green colored pencils for your shadows.

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