free pyrography wood burning project and pattern

Celtic Postage Stamp Pyrography Project, Page 2

During this free pyrography project session we will prepare the wood surface, trace your wood burning patterns, and explore the art style of pointillism.

Free Postage Stamp Pyrography Project, sponsored by Art Designs Studio :
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free pyrography pattern



Begin this project by lightly sanding the board surface with 220- or 320-grit sandpaper to remove any wood fibers or ridge lines left from the manufacturing process.Work the sandpaper with the wood grain to avoid adding fine scratches that may show in your burning later. Remove the sanding dust with a lightly damp cloth. free pyrography pattern


free pyrography pattern


Brown craft paper or brown bag paper can be used as a fine-grit sanding media and leaves your wood surface with an extremely smooth finish. For this project we are using it as our final sanding media. You can also use heavy brown paper to clean your burning tips without damaging the polish of the tip wire.

Crumple a piece of brown paper bag paper. Use the crumbled paper exactly as you did the sandpaper to give your surface an extra fine sanding. Remove any dust with a clean area of your damp cloth.

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free pyrography pattern


Print two copies of the Postage Stamp pattern with your computer printer – one for reference during the burning steps and one to use for your tracing pattern.Fold one copy of the pattern into quarters, folding once along the vertical center and then a second time along the horizontal center line. tracing a pyrography pattern


Using a #4 to #8 artist’s soft pencil, rub the pencil graphite onto the back side of the pattern paper. Completely fill the area with a solid rubbing. tracing a pyrography pattern


With a ruler, lightly pencil mark the center vertical and horizontal lines of your wood surface. Place the pattern onto the wood surface, printed side up. Match the fold lines of the pattern with the pencil guidelines on your wood. tracing a pyrography pattern


Tape the top edge of the pattern paper to the board using masking tape or painter’s low-tack tape. With an ink pen trace the pattern lines. Remove the paper pattern.Pencil tracing lines are easily removed after you have completed the wood burning using an artist’s white eraser. Avoid colored erasers that can leave dye streaks on your finished wood burning. tracing a pyrography pattern

free wood burning pattern


This free pyrography patterns is for your personal use only.Click on the image to the right to open a new window with a full sized tracing pattern.Right hand click on the patterns and select ‘Save Image’.  Save your image to your desktop. free wood burning pattern


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