Art Styles of Pyrography by Lora Irish

Styles of Pyrography by IrishMy newest e-book, Art Styles of Pyrography, is finally ready at my pattern website, Art, and I am so excited.

This e-book, Art Styles of Pyrography, focuses on the basic techniques and styles used to create our wood burnings.  Enjoy the 15 in-depth projects as you learn black and white silhouettes, cross hatching, engraving, pointillism, graduated pencil-like shading, texture painting, and realism.  Only $16.95!

Plus you get the 83-step in-depth Advertising Barn project, a large realistic landscape with close-up hand positions and pen tip profile photos.


Click on the image to see the photo size for each project page.

Easy to See, Easier to Print

Each project page features full-page sized photos!  So you can see every burned stroke, every shaded line, and every fine detail.  The Blue Jeans photo, right, is one sample of a project page and the web does not do the PDF format image justice!

Honestly, the images are so large, clear, detailed, and easy to follow in this PDF format e-book that I believe it is the future for any pyrography book!

The Table of Contents and Project Gallery is listed so that you can easily print just those pages you need to complete your project.

Learn the Techniques

Explore Wood Burning Units, Cleaning Your Tips, Burning Surfaces, Transferring Patterns, Safety, Finishing Sealers, Wood Patina, and Correcting Mistakes

Styles of Pyrography by IrishPen Tip Profiles

Learn about Ball Tip Pens, Looped Writing Tips, Flat Spear Shader, Curved Edge Shader , Wide Square Shader, and Hand Positions

Practice Boards

Create small samples using the Black Eyed Susan pattern, Comparing Woods, Sample Board, Correcting Problems, Tonal Values, Tonal Value Scale, and Controlling the Settings

Art Styles

Burn samples of the Styles of Pyrography, including Silhouette, Engraving, Cross Hatching, Pointillism, Pencil Shading, Texture Painting, Realism, and 15 Step by Step Projects.

Perfect for any pyrographer – beginners, intermediate, and advanced!

Styles of Pyrography by Irish Styles of Pyrography by Irish
Styles of Pyrography by Irish Styles of Pyrography by Irish
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