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Coloring Book Quilt – Free Patterns

That perfect quilt square is easily in reach if you have
just a yard or so of muslin, permanent marking pens,
crayons, fabric paints, or even silk ribbon …
and pattern packs.

Sample worked from CP140 Henna Tattoo 2 Pattern Package
Also see CP139 Henna Tattoo 1 Pattern Package
Also see CP090 Wood Quilt Squares Pattern Package

Can’t find that exact fabric pattern that you are craving?
Can’t find it in the exact colors that you need for your latest quilting project?
No problem … color your own!

Coloring Book Quilt Ideas

I chose Henna Tattoos for my table runner Coloring Book Quilt.  But any idea goes – wildlife, Celtic, dragons, steam punk. has over 140 pattern packs full of ideas, ready for you to download today.


1. Piece your quilt squares using muslin where you want your coloring Book design.

2.  Press well so that you are tracing on a flat surface.

3. Print one copy of your chosen pattern using your computer printer.


Coloring Book Quilt Ideas

4.  Place your pattern on your light box.  Trace over the outlines with a fine point permanent marking pen of black, gray, or dark brown.

5.  Iron well to set the outline color.


Coloring Book Quilt IdeasClick for a full sized, printable image.

6.  Set up your coloring kit next to your favorite chair in the living room.  Turn on your current ‘binge-watching’ TV program.  Relax, have fun, and color away.

You can use fabric pens, permanent marking pens, crayons, acrylic paint, and of course, fabric dye.  Also consider beads, silk ribbon embroidery, lace, and buttons.

Allow the large-area base coats to dry before you add the detail lines to avoid bleeding.  Set the colors with a hot iron after you are done.

Basket Essentials – Rib Basket Weaving

Basket Essentials – Rib Basket Weaving
Published by Fox Chapel Publishing
***   Available at

Let’s look inside the pages

Rib Basket Weaving200 pages with lots and lots of
Step-by-Step photos.

Rib Basket Weaving
Also called hip baskets, egg baskets, fanny baskets,
granny baskets, potato baskets, and
Appalachian baskets.

Rib Basket Weaving

Rib Basket WeavingThree in-depth projects,
about 20 pages of photos and instructions each.
12 small basket instructions with diagrams.

Rib Basket Weaving12 Beginning Knots and Eyes
with full step-by-step photos

Double X, Double Bow, God’s Eye, Braided God’s Eye,
Two-Point Lashing with Collar, Three-Point Lashing,
Half God’s Eye, Three-Spoke Lashing with X Pattern,
Three-Spoke Lashing with Bar Pattern,
Multi-Spoke Lashing, Wheel,
God’s Eye/Half God’s Eye Combo,
Double Bow/Half God’s Eye Combo,
Reed Spline Lashing

Rib Basket WeavingPhotos … Did I say lots and lots of photos.

Rib Basket WeavingWeaving Techniques

Rib Basket WeavingHow to compensate using short rows.

Rib Basket WeavingDiagrams

Rib Basket WeavingAnd, of course, a huge bunch of rib basket ideas that you  can create at home

***   Available at Fox Chapel Publishing   ***
***   Available at    ***

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