Welsh Love Spoon Carving

Welsh Love Spoons

free Welsh Love Spoon patternWelsh Love Spoons have long been a favorite carving theme for wood carvers.  Tradition says that this original art style for wood carving came from the seamen of the British Isles that brought small pieces of wood and a carving knife with them on their ocean voyages to fill the long hours.  Many of the designs and patterns were symbolic of the sailor’s love of home and family, but they also used some of our favorite whittling trick carvings as the ball and chain or ball in the cage.
Today any relief carving pattern can become the design for the handle of your Welsh Love Spoon.  For my sample I chose a simple grape design with a double stem that wraps around the spoon handle.  With another upcoming stormy weekend it seems like a perfect time to share my carving and pattern for you to enjoy.

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