Basic Cutting Techniques

Cutting the Basic Spoon Shape

General Outline Shape

By L.S. Irish

Basic Cutting Techniques Page 1: General Outline Shape
Basic Cutting Techniques Page 2: Cutting Inside Openings
Basic Cutting Techniques Page 3: Celtic Designs

Click image to view the printable full size pattern.

Removing the excess from the block that the Welsh Love Spoon was traced on could take many hours of time by the original carvers of this art style. Today this work can be dramatically reduced with the use of a band saw, scroll saw, and/or coping saw.

Begin by transferring your pattern to a block of basswood, or other wood of your choice. Mark a pencil line in the excess area of the wood where there is a sharp intersection in the design. This is noted with the red arrows.

With your saw cut a straight line along this pencil mark until your blade just touches the intersection.

Now working the outside pattern lines guide the saw blade along the curve of the pattern line into the intersection cut. Start at the edge of your board and move the blade into the curve. Follow the curve to the intersection. This will remove the excess along any curved area in two cuts.

This three step cutting will leave clean crisp angles at each intersection point.

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Basic Cutting Techniques
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