Chip Carving

Long Tapered Triangles and Free Form

For triangles that have long tapering sides and free form lines you will need to pull slightly for the first and second cuts to reach the end of the chip. Work from the tightest point of the triangle toward the more open side of the chip. In long tapered triangles begin with the knife in an upright position, almost 90 degrees to the wood. As you make the cut slowly drop the blade back down to the 65 degree angle. This will keep your points crisp with less pop out sections where the tapers meet in the center of the rosette.

I prefer to work all tightly tapered chips away from the narrow point. It is helpful to pre-score the cutting line of a tight taper. Just gently cut a fine shallow line before you do the actual cut of the chip. This can reduce pop outs in the work.

For free form lines use the same almost upright position to start the stroke. As you pull the line begin to drop the blade down toward the 65 degree angle at the center of the line. Past the center point again bring the knife slowly back into an upright position. Your hand will roll slightly during the entire pull stroke. This keeps the cut tight at the points but allows it to belly out in the middle of the stroke.


As you work free form designs varying the width of each cut and position of the belly within the cuts will add interest and movement to the work. Keep the lines changing in form and shape.

This sample free form chip carving pattern is offered courtesy of Art Designs Studio. The finished sample is shown on the first page of this tutorial. For Personal Use Only.

L S Irish Chip Carving Pattern

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