Relief Wood Carving Canada Goose Project

This Relief Wood Carving Project is presented in four easy-to-follow sections your your wood crafting pleasure by our author, Lora S. Irish.



A large oval basswood plaque features a flying Canada Goose drake who’s wings literally lift off the background wood. ¬†Join L. S. Irish as she takes you through each step needed to complete the high relief carving, pyrography, and painting steps.

Canada Goose Relief Project, Part One

Learn how to prepare your basswood plaque, establish the cutting layers inside the design, trace the line art pattern, and rough cut the levels.

Canada Goose Relief Project, Part Two

Learn the step-by-step process of shaping each layer of the rough out stage, re-tracing the pattern steps, creating an undercut for high relief, and adding detail cuts.

Canada Goose Relief Project, Part Three

Learn how to wood burn your carvings to clean up rough carving areas, deepen an undercut, and added fine pyrography detail lines.

Canada Goose Relief Project, Part Four

Learn how easy it can be to add acrylic painted details to your wood carvings.


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We hope that you enjoy this free online wood carving and pyrography project enough to bookmark our site!

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