Marbling and Splatter Painting

LSIrish-1848Step 6: Prepare the marbleizing bucket or tub by filling it with very cold water. You can even add a few ice cubes if you have a large enough bucket.





Step 7: On a clean palette or in small pans mix 1 part oil paint with 2 parts turpentine and 1 part linseed oil. Mix well with an old brush. You want your oil mix fairly thin but not so transparent that you can not determine what color it is. Repeat for all of the dark oil colors.

Generously drop this oil mix for each color onto the cold water but don’t completely cover the water surface … you want a little room between drops to create the swirl effect.

Stir ONCE with your brush handle.

Step 8: Slowly lower your fish into the water container, twisting slowly as you do. Now slowly lift him out of the water. Wah-LA! Instant marble swirls.

Step 9: Place some paper towel under your drying area, and hang your fish. He will drip for several moments. When the dripping stops remove the paper towels and soak them immediately in soapy water to remove the turp and oil before you throw them in the trash can. Let the fish dry overnight!

SECRET – If you wait just an hour you can re-dip to add new oil color swirls. The first dipping on my fish did not pick up much white, so I added ice cubes to my water then added more white oil mixture.



LSirish-2017Step 9: After he has thoroughly dried give your fish two light coats of spray sealer. Cut, file, and insert your copper fins. He is ready to display.


Basics to Painting:

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