Marbling and Splatter Painting

Step 4: Place a medium sized puddle of titanium white on your palette. Put on your latex gloves. Create a splatter box with a cardboard box or fully cover your work area with paper towels.

Dampen and blot an old toothbrush with clean water. Load the toothbrush bristles with white. Hold the fish in one hand and pointing the toothbrush towards your carving pull your thumb across the bristles. This will explode a mist of fine dots all over your carving.

The thinner your paint is the bigger splatter dots you get. So after you do a layer of fine dots add a few drops of water to your puddle of white and splatter again.

Step 5: To add a few random angular areas of color pull the fingertips of your latex gloves forward a touch, enough to let them wrinkle. Pat your glove-covered fingers in a mix of carbon black and white ( a medium grey tone). Pat on a clean area of your palette. Now grab the fish with those wrinkled, painted coated fingertips.



Return your fish to its drying box space and allow to dry thoroughly – at least another half hour.






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