Dry Brushed Acrylics over Oil Stain for Wood Carvings

Working with oil stains in your wood carvingsStep 10: Allow the carving to dry overnight. Do not microwave this project or any project that has oil, turpentine, or spray sealer to force dry it. All three are chemical based and flammable.





Working with oil stains in your wood carvingsStep 11: Cut and file your wings and tail. I have already cut, filed, and adhered the beak before I decided to use it for this project.

SECRET – You can change the color of your copper is several ways, it does not have to be just bright copper.

1. Use a foam core nail file and work over the copper in tight circular motions to add fine line shine.

2. With a ball peen hammer tap the copper fins or wings on a scrap wood block to give it lots of small indents.

3. Follow the directions on the can, use Liver of sulfur to give copper an instant dark penny patina.

4. And for our Whittle Bird turn on your oven burner to a medium-high setting. With flat nose pliers, working one piece at a time, place the copper wing onto the burner. Wait a few moments, as the copper heats you will see it begin to take on a brilliant orange color. The copper quickly will move to red, silver, deep brown patina, to pure white. When the wing hits a color you like remove it quickly using the pliers. Let the wing cool on a plate or hot pad. Repeat for the remaining copper pieces.

When you flame copper, PLEASE!, work carefully and work safely. The copper becomes very hot very fast. It can burn your skin. And, of course, do not leave the copper on the burner unattended .. nor forget to turn off the burner when you are done.

Basics to Painting:

American Eagle Mantel Patterns by Lora IrishThe Americana Eagle Pattern Package, by Lora Irish of Art Designs Studio, contains three different large panel patterns. Highly detailed feather work and flowing lines will make this package great for any craft. Great for Pyrography! Eagle Mantel 37″ wide x 8: high, 4 pieces Column Eagle 14″ wide x 20″ high, 4 pieces Tall Eagle 6″ wide x 18″ high, 2 pieces, three versions of the classic 1800′s wood carved eagle, 4 eagle cane handle toppers, and 1 Civil War military caps design – a total of 11 patterns.



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