Spoon, Fork, and Ladle Styles for Wood Carving

Styles of Wood Carved Spoons


using a draw knife in wood carvingFour Methods for Cutting Your Spoon Blank  Let’s explore the ways in which you can create that rough-cut spoon blank – bench knife, draw knife, coping saw, and scroll saw.  This article includes the links to our Cross Crafting Seminar that takes an in-depth look at using a scroll saw in our wood carving and pyrography projects with three free Lora S. Irish patterns.


Spoon, Fork, and Ladle Styles for Wood CarvingDid you know that there are literally dozens of different styles and designs of wooden spoons, forks, knives, ladles, and spatulas that you can carve with a bench knife, bent round gouge, and a draw knife.  Check out Spoon, Fork, and Ladle Styles for Wood Carving, Traditional Spoon Styles and Shapes. All of the spoons, forks, knives, scoops, and spatulas patterns shown here are available in Lora S. Irish’s newest book – The Art of Spoon Carving – available at Amazon.com.

The Art of Spoon CarvingDiscover why I carve spoons!

The top spoon in this photo, the one that is black with age is between 125 to 100 years old and was my great grandmother Elsie Burchinal’s spoon.  She handed it on to my grandmother, who gave it to my mother, and today it has an honored place in my kitchen spoon jar.


The Art of Spoon CarvingThe Art of Spoon Carving

Wood carving is coming back into style, and making kitchen utensils is among the easiest ways to learn the craft. This beautifully illustrated guide by master woodcrafter Lora S. Irish teaches the basics of wooden spoon carving. Perfect for beginners, the book presents 12 step-by-step projects that illustrate a variety of historic carving styles.

A selection of mix-and-match patterns offer suggestions for creating dozens of unique designs for spoons and other implements — forks, ladles, dippers, spatulas, knives, pie servers, and scoops. In addition to clear, detailed directions accompanied by helpful drawings, inspiring photographs illustrate decorative ideas for using the carved spoons in kitchen wreaths, centerpieces, and other ornaments. A great gift for crafters seeking a new hobby, this book is loaded with stylish designs for handmade treasures.

Ready to mix some color?  Learn how to create a full palette range of colors, tones, and pastels using just eight craft paints – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, and white.  This Color Wheel Flower project includes a free wood carving, pyrography, gourd art pattern by Lora S. Irish.