how to paint your wood carvings

Wood carvings can be left in their natural wood coloring by using polyurethane, varnish, or oil finishes.  But by adding coloration with oil, watercolors, or acrylic paintings can bring a new dimension to your finished work.

Our Hen and Rooster relief wood carving is a great beginner’s carving project as it uses simple layers and rounded over edges.  Because it pattern, Hens and Rooster Pattern Package at, is a stylized design you can add both fine and deep detailing using the stop cut or a v-gouge cut.  To bring the detail of the carving to the forefront I dry brushed this carving with acrylic paints over an oil stain.  To learn more about how to paint your wood carving, please visit any of the links below, posted here on our blog.

Hen and Rooster Relief Wood CarvingPainting & Coloring
Coloring Your Project
Adding Skin Colors
Basics to Painting
Acrylics over a Primer
China Painting with Acrylics
Dry Brushed Acrylics
Marbling & Splatter Painting
Simple Dry Brushing
Vintage Painting
Painting Supplies
Paint Kit Supplies for Painting
Steps to Success, Painting
Burnishing Your Wood Carving
Simple Blending Acrylic Paints
Techniques for Painting
Basics to Painting
Painting Eyes
Watercolors & Wood Burning
The Color Wheel
Dry Brushing

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Learn how to whittle fish decoys
For our Facebook friends that are stopping by the blog, folk art fish decoy carving is a great first carving project.  Wood Carving Fish Decoys  will take you through the easy step-by-step process of whittling your very first folk art fish decoy.