beginner's carving tool set

Beginner’s Whittling and Relief Carving Tool Kit

Rough wood rasps used in wood carving and whittling Rough Rasps

A set of profile rough rasps are excellent for smoothing along the edge of your band saw or scroll saw cut relief carving blanks.  Their coarse teeth quickly remove the harsh edges left from the cut-out process.  Personally, I often use my rasps for cleaning the inside of craft gourds that I will be carving as they quickly remove the seed fibers that adheres to the inside walls of the gourd.

Steelex D2862 Medium Riffler Rasp Set, 8-Piece


Dental picks used in relief wood carving and whittlingDental Picks

Dental picks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and profiles.  Their sharp points are perfect for teasing out the wood fiber left in the relief carving undercut.  A dental pick can be used to smooth deep v-trough cuts by laying the tool with the point up into the trough and pulling the tool through the cut with pressure.  The narrow, fine steel edge presses the rough fibers back into position inside of the trough.  Dental picks can be sharpened along the edge to give you a small, tight cutting area.

HTS 152P1 4 Pc Stainless Steel Pick / Probe Set

HTS 156W1 Stainless Steel Wax Carver Set – 12pc


Riffler and small metal files used in relief wood carving and whittlingRifflers and Profiled Metal Files

Rifflers are small, profiled metal files that are wonderful for those fine sanding chores in your relief wood carving and whittling.  The curved profiles allow you to reach into tight areas while accepting the curve of the wood as you work.  These small files have a very fine grit to the tooth patterns and are equivalent to 220- to 320-grit sandpaper.

SE 748WR Rasp Riffler File Set, 10-Piece


Fine-grit, Straight metal files for relief wood carving and whittlingStraight Metal Files

These small, straight metal files, also called Jeweler files or Needle files, have a fine-grit tooth as the rifflers.  This set comes with triangular center ridges, bowed centers, and with square shapes and can be used to create crisp, sharp center lines to your v-gouge or round gouge work.

SE – File Set – Regular Diamond Needle, 3mm X 140mmx70mm, 10 Pc

Estone 10 pcs 140mm Needle Files Jeweler Diamond Carving Craft Tool Metal Glass Stone

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