Braided Raffia Gourd Rim

working a braided rim for a gourd13.  Lift the second strand from above (shown green) and lay it over the next strand in the round (shown natural), pull the working strand into a downward position.  Repeat this simple pattern until you reach the beginning of the braiding round.





how to tie off a braided rim for a gourd14.  Loosen the loop of the first worked strand of the round (shown yellow).







Gourd art by Lora Irish15.   Thread the last working raffia strand through the loosened loop of the first.  Pull the first strand up tight to secure the entire round.





Gourd patterns by Lora Irish16.  With one completed round of braiding you are ready to start the next round. With each new round you will note that the raffia or reed naturally begins to roll over towards the inside of the gourd.






North American Wild Cats by Lora S IrishPlease visit North American Big Cats Pattern Package at Art Designs Studio to see more Lora S Irish patterns.



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