Braided Raffia Gourd Rim

how to make a braided rim for gourd art9.  Comp the raffia so that each strand is free floating.  Lightly mist with clean water.

Did you know – Braided seagrass, available through basket supply stores, comes in several thicknesses and is purchased by the pound weight and can be used to create this braided rim trim for your gourds.



braided rim for gourds10.   A braided rim is worked from the bottom to the top, and rolls into a gentle curve naturally.  Turn the gourd upside down to begin the next steps.  As I work through the braiding I rest my gourd on a large terry cloth towel on my lap.  This allows me to brace the gourd between my knees, leaving my hands free to work.





how to braid raffia11.  I am left handed and am working from my left to right.  This braid can easily be worked from right to left if that is more comfortable for you.  Lift the first strand of raffia (shown yellow) and lay it over the next strand (shown orange), pull the first into a downward position.  Hold both strands in place.




braided rim for a painted gourd12.  Lift the second strand (shown orange) from above and lay it over the next un-worked strand (shown green), pull the working strand into a downward position.





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