Vintage Painting

Step 9: Take your fish to the sink and give him a good bath using Dawn dishwashing detergent, this removes the sanded paint dust. Allow to dry overnight.




LSirish-2020Step 10: Your fish is ready for its copper fins. I prefer to leave this type of painted carving unsealed – no oil or spray finish – as it adds to the aged look of the work. If I do need a sealer coat I use Golden’s Archival Varnish which is a mineral spirits based acrylic spray and a true crystal clear, dull matt.

SECRET – If you have started a painting on a carving that just is not going right, try this technique. Work the steps right over the painting you have already done. During the sanding steps you will re-discover little areas of your original painting which only add to the vintage look.


Basics to Painting:


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