General Techniques Used in Wood Carving Painting

 Working into a line or intersection

Brush strokes used to paint your wood carvingWith a light-loaded flat shader I can place the brush tip slightly away from a demarcation line or joint line in my carving. As I move the brush into the line in a gently curve I also apply a small amount of pressure to place about one half of the bristle lengths onto the wood. Now I can pull the line.




Brush strokes used to paint your wood carvingWalk the brush into the line, while pressing just a bit, and use the belly of the shader to create the straight line instead of using the bristle tips.

When I begin to reach the end of the line I curve the brush away from the line while slowly lifting it off the wood.



Brush strokes used to paint your wood carving, taught by Lora IrishUsing the belly of the brush means that you are using the long straight side of each bristle instead of just the very tip of the bristle.






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