General Techniques Used in Wood Carving Painting

How to paint your wood carvings, taught by Lora IrishNote – Always dampen your brush before you load any paint!!!!

Dip it in the clean water and run the bristles up the side of the bowl to insure that the water reaches inside of the brush. Then tap or pat the wet brush on a paper towel.




How to paint your wood carvings, taught by Lora IrishOver loading a large flat shader

You can load a shader by dipping the brush into the puddle of paint as shown in the photo. This places a large amount of color on top of the brush bristles. The paint lies ON the brush, not IN the brush.




How to paint your wood carvings, taught by Lora IrishWhen you take that brush full of paint to your carving it dumps the paint in a heavy glob on either side of the brush. So you spend the next few minutes trying to distribute the paint and to smooth out the ridges that result from a heavy puddle of color. If your project is small or you are working in a small area you can find yourself with too much color – an over fill situation.



cp122_300_01Scroll Saw Fretwork Lamp Patterns, exclusive Lora S. Irish patterns, available only at Art Designs Studio.  Gang cut these patterns to create quick, and easy fretwork lamps. Each pattern is shown as a line art pattern and with a light gray fill in the cut-out area. Included is a toothed wheel pattern that slots into each fretwork cut-out lamp side. Chose how wide you make your scroll saw lamps by choosing one of the four different dimension wheels. All interlocking slots are worked for 1/4″ stock, but can easily be adjusted to thinner or wider woods.




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