Pyrography Greenman Leather Bullet Journal Cover

Pyrography Greenman Leather Bullet Journal Cover

Dark Fill the Open Spaces:

Pyrography Greenman Leather Bullet Journal CoverOn a medium-high temperature setting, and using either your loop-tip or ball-tip pen, fill in the open spaces inside of the design. This includes the holes surrounding the leaves, the eye pupils, and the nostrils.

Shading the Background:

Pyrography Greenman Leather Bullet Journal CoverWith a soft #4 to #8 pencil and a ruler, mark a guideline 1/2” from both sides and the bottom of your leather cover. Use a very gentle pressure.

Turn down the temperature setting on your burning unit to a medium heat. Using either the loop-tip or ball-tip pen and a tight scrubbie stroke fill in the background areas of the design. Lighten your burning strokes as you near the guidelines.

Stop the scrubbie strokes at the guidelines to allow a border of unburned leather around your Greenman.

Second Layer of Background Fill:

Pyrography Greenman Leather Bullet Journal CoverWork a second layer of background scrubbie stroke to give your burning a richly toned gradient. Use the same temperature setting and pen tip as you used in step 5, allowing the coloring to develop with the increase in burned lines.

Detailing the Mustache and Beard:

Pyrography Greenman Leather Bullet Journal CoverUsing a crisp-edged pen tip, as a curved or straight shading tip, and a medium-hot temperature setting, add the detailing to the facial hair, eyebrows, and the soft downy feather areas. Work this step using the crisp, sharp edge of the pen. Allow the pen to create both medium and dark tones as you pull each line.

Tonal values can be changed and controlled by how long you allow the pen tip to touch an area of your burning. When burning a hair strand you can hesitate for just a moment before pulling through the line. This will cause the beginning of the line, the point of hesitation, to burn darker than the rest of the line.

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