Wine Caddy Sunflower Design


paper mache wine caddy, 12″ tall, 4″ wide, 4″ deep graphite carbon paper
transparent adhesive tape to secure the pattern
wood burning unit, variable temperature ( my burning unit is a Colwood Detailer)
skew tip or regular writing tip wood burning pen
artist quality colored pencils (Prismacolor or Derwent)
polyurethane spray sealer
1/2″ yard of cotton calico fabric
hot glue gun and glue

Click on this image and the images in the row below for full sized printable patterns.
Classic Carving Pattern Packs that are
complimentary to this project are: 
Mixed Fruit
Grape Patterns
Simple and Realistic Flowers
Wicker Baskets
Floral Bouquets
Floral Corners
Floral Clocks

Step 1:

Click on the pattern images to open each section of this pattern in a new window.  On your browser’s tool bar click “Print” or click on the print icon.   There are four patterns for the wine caddy.

I have also included here one copy of the sunflower design as a single pattern that you will want to print.

Step 2:

Cut the section patterns along the cut lines so that you have only that paper with the pattern area remaining.  Align the edges of each section pattern and tape into place until you have a flat four section pattern.

Step 3:

Place a piece of graphite carbon paper behind your sectioned pattern.  Lay the pattern and graphite paper against your wine caddy with the bottom edge of the pattern in line with the  bottom edge of your paper mache caddy.  Tape the remaining open edges of your pattern together to create a sleeve around the caddy.

Step 4:

Use a colored ink pen, I usually use a bright red pen, to trace along your pattern lines.


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