Cougar Pyrography Project

cougar-02Step 3 cougar-02
On a medium-hot setting, using the standard writing tip or rounded heel tip begin burning the black brown areas around the eye, joint line along the muzzle and cheek, and the joint line along the side of the mouth and lower cheek areas. Follow the directional arrows on the pattern using short quick line strokes. These areas use a ver short, touch and pull line stroke.

Using a touch and lift dot stroke fill in the black areas in the eye, inner eye corner, nostrils, and just above the lower mouth.


cougar-03Step 4
Reduce your temperature setting to a medium setting and using a touch and pull fine line stroke create the short fur that covers the muzzle, the fold between the side of the muzzle and cheek, and in the cheek area.  There is a small area of folded skin to the right side of the inner eye, this area is not worked nor is the fine upper edge of the nose.



cougar-04Step 5
Using a medium temperature setting and the fine line, touch and pull stroke begin work in the forehead area of your cougar.  There is a deep upside down v-shaped fold just above the eye that defines the upper eyelid.  In the mid-area of the forehead there is a darker area that notes a small rolled over ridge that leads into the top portion of the skull.  This area is a medium tone and worked on both forehead areas.



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