Fundamentals and Techniques of Pyrography

The section contains the following tutorials:

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Wood Carving

Relief Carving
Relief Carving
Levels in Relief Wood Carving
Dramatic Shadows
Undercutting Technique
Level Changes, Elements
Dramatic Shadows Pattern

Relief Caring Techniques
Background Treatments
Basic Cuts and Carving Tips
Stop Cut in Relief
Low Relief Carving
High Relief Carving
Smoothing the Background
Using a Depth Gauge
Smoothing Backgrounds
Working with the Grain
Adding Drama through Shadows

Woodcarving Projects
Canada Goose Project
Canada Goose Project 1
Canada Goose Project 2
Canada Goose Project 3
Canada Goose Project 4
Landscape Relief Carving
Floral Clock
Sailboat Relief Carving
Carving the American Hero
Carving the Relief Wood Spirit
Tiki Chess Set Project
Snowman Wall Hanger
Sun Fish Decoy
American Heroes

Working with Patterns
Working with Your Patterns
Transferring the Pattern
Pounce Patterns
Enlarging and Reducing
Simplifying a Pattern
Working with Levels
Lettering Layouts
Dividing a Circle
Free Form Patterns
Cattle Branding Layouts
Creating a Perfect Circle

Carving Tools
Tools and Tool Kits
Basic Carving Tools
The Beginner’s Tool Kit
Bracing Table Relief Carving
Carving Tools Close-Up
Sharpening Your Tools
Sharpening Stones
Sharpening Bench Knives
Sharpening Round Gouges
Bull Nose Chisel

Carving Wood
Basics to Wood
Woodcarving Basics
Carving Woods
Glossary to Mail Wood
Australian Carving Woods
Glossary to Mail Order Wood
Working With Wood Grain
Softwood & Hardwood


Carving Finishes
Finishing Your Project
Preparing for Finishing
Stains, Oils, and Washes
Oil, Wax, and Urethane
Carving Session Preparation
The Depth Of The Levels
Your First Carving Pattern

Specialized Techniques
Incised Carving
Wood Block Prints
Intaglio Carving

Special Carving Techniques
Introduction to Love Spoons

Welsh Love Spoons 1
Welsh Love Spoons 2
Basic Cutting Techniques
Carving A Chain and Ball
Ball and Cage Carving
Wood Spirit Carving
Canes and Walking Sticks
Russian Birch Bark Carving
Chip Carving
Sharpening Your Chip Knives
Positive Space in Chip Carving

About the Artist
Contact Us



Painting & Coloring Craft Projects

Pyrography Tutorials
Pyrography Leather Journal
Fundamentals & Techniques
Pyrography Practice Boards
Simple Shading Wood Burning
Tonal Value Sepia Worksheet
The Basic Wood Burning Tool
Basic Wood Burning Strokes
Wood Burning Techniques
Coloring Wood Burned Projects
Wood Burning Sepia Values
Mapping Your Burning Pattern
Wood Burning Animal Fur

Pyrography Projects
Carousel Horse Wood Burning
Blue Heron Tavern Pyrography
Wine Caddy Sunflower Design
Pyrography, Working in Layers
Simple Pyrography Shading
Steps for Portrait Burning
Wood Burning American Hero
Cougar Pyrography
Pyrography Feather 2
Pyrography Feather 1
Ceremonial Mask Pyro 5
Ceremonial Mask Pyro 4
Ceremonial Mask Pyro 3
Ceremonial Mask Pyro 2
Ceremonial Mask Pryo

Painting & Coloring
Coloring Your Project
Adding Skin Colors
Basics to Painting
Acrylics over a Primer
China Painting with Acrylics
Dry Brushed Acrylics
Marbling & Splatter Painting
Simple Dry Brushing
Vintage Painting
Painting Supplies
Paint Kit Supplies for Painting
Steps to Success, Painting
Burnishing Your Wood Carving
Simple Blending Acrylic Paints
Techniques for Painting
Basics to Painting
Painting Eyes
Watercolors & Wood Burning
The Color Wheel
Dry Brushing

 Gourd Art
Braided Raffia Gourd Rim
Wood Spirit Gourd Mask
Wood Spirit Gourd Jar

Paper Crafts
Scrapbook Tags
Colored Pencils
Celtic Bird Pattern Paper Bag
Backgammon Board

Quilting Tutorials
Marker Painted Quilt Square
Fretwork Butterfly Art Quilt

Scroll Saw Tutorials
Fundamentals and Techniques
The Basics about Wood
Scroll Sawed Layered Santa

 Lora Irish deer pattern

Patterns by Themes

3-D Pattern Packs
Animal and Wildlife Packs
Birds and Waterfowl Patterns
Botanical and Flower Patterns
Celtic Knot Pattern Packs
Dragons, Gargoyles Patterns
Furniture and Architectural
Holiday Pattern Packs

Landscape and Farm Scenes
Lines & Corners Pattern Packs
Mantel Board Scene Patterns
Mythological Themes
Nautical, Seascapes Packs
New Pattern Package Releases
Oak, Grape, and Fruit Patterns
Oriental Pattern Packs
Pencil Drawings Packs

Religious Themes
Signs, Frames, and Borders
Spirit People, Angles Patterns
Steam Punk and Trendy
Western History, Indians
Wood Spirits and Green Men
Download PDF e-Project Books
US, Americana Pattern Packs

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